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The next FASH workshop will be on 9th December, running from 10.30 until 3.30, at Twyford Parish Hall. This is one of our "Do Something different Days", and this year it is called "Getting Rhythmic with FolkActive". Tom Gregory, Cath Watkins and Jo Harmer will lead us in a workshop to include drumming, spoons, jig dolls, bones and even a bit of step dance.

We hope to see you there.


We apologise if you have recently had difficulty using our 'locate' page to find local clubs etc. We have updated the map which now handles the locations in a rather different way and hope you will find it easy to use. We have added places where folk concerts are occasionally staged, and also the arts centres, several of which are included in the club diaries. If you click on the icon at the top left of the map you will be able to deselect categories of locations, leaving visible only the ones you want to see.


There is also an error in the 'FASH Chat' of the June issue of 'Solent Waves' . The venue for The English Regency Dancers' session is given as the Jubilee Sports Centre; it is in fact the Highfield Church Centre in Highfield Lane, Southampton, SO17 1RL. The venue given in the Dance Diary is correct. Note, however, that these sessions have been suspended until the leader is able to return.


Please note that the venue for the "English Tunes Session" is presently The Patform Tavern, now that Talking Heads has closed. It is believed that the Ukulele Session is moving to The 1865, and the Irish Session which was at the Talking Heads was moving to The Juniper Berry. However, we have just heard that the Juniper Berry session was a 'one-off' and this session has now moved to The Hobbit, 134 Bevois Valley Rd, Southampton, SO14 0JZ.


The Duke of Wellington's Dancers have relocated, and now meet at St. Denys Church, Dundee Road, Southampton, SO17 2ND, with a 7.30 start. They now meet Tuesdays and Thursdays, rather than just Thursdays, but the dates are irregularly spaced, so check their website if you have not been before.


If you are looking in our Dance Diary for The South Hants Playford Folk Dance Club, please note that they have changed its name and it is now The East Dorset Folk Dance Club.


There is a huge range of events taking place at Halsway Manor, near Crowcombe, Somerset. For more information, visit Their 'What's on' page allows you to search for particular dates and also select specific types of event. There are many different and flexible possibilities regarding accommodation, so their website is well worth a visit.


The English Folk Dance and Song Society, EFDSS, has its full programme on-line now. Many song and dance workshops are included. See and go to their 'What's on' page, or use this link to find out what is taking place this month and to book tickets.


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