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Join us for 'Something Different'!

Our next workshop takes place on the 12th December and is our "Do Something Different" workshop.

In the morning, Tanya Kearley wil lead us in a workshop on Maypole Dancing. While we have often seen schoolchildren dancing round a Maypole, it really is not 'just for kids'. English traditional dance, and you do not even need a partner to take part; dance in a series of steps to produce a coloured pattern of ribbons which grows down the pole.

In the afternoon, Paul Miles will lead a session of Longsword Dance. Again, no partners needed; work with a team of dancers in a series of figures specific to sword dance, and end with the six sword "lock" whch is the well-known emblem of the English Folk Dance and Song society.

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FASH is a voluntary organisation of people who support Folk activities across our region. You can learn more about FASH by clicking here. We run music and dance workshops each year and would love to see as many newcomers at any of these events as possible. Everyone is most welcome but if you are a newcomer to folk dancing you will probably find it easier to learn the basics first at a folk dance club or ceilidh before trying the workshops. To find more about the clubs in the area, click on the menu above. We try and provide information on dance clubs, folk clubs who often have well know artists performing as well as singaround sessions, and Morris and other display sides. Read more

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