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On Sunday 18th October we held our first (very successful) online dance via Zoom. It was led by Victoria Yeomans with live music from her husband Dave, both of whom are very experienced at running dances online, which is why it seemed effortless and was most enjoyable!

The session started at 2pm and lasted for approximately 2 hours. Dances were adapted to be satisfying for one couple or one person to dance whilst still retaining the essence of the original. There was a demonstration of each dance followed by a walk through and dances ran a little shorter than usual to accommodate dancing in confined spaces and/or on carpet.

Victoria and Dave have very kindly agreed to run an online dance on 10th January 2021, the date we had planned for Victoria's FASH workshop at Soberton. Exact details will be given nearer the time. If you are not already on one of our FASH emailing lists and would like to attend, please contact If you have never "Zoomed" before, you can download instructions here.

Sadly, as announced at our very recent AGM, we have decided to cancel our January and February 2021 workshops. Watching carefully how the pandemic is progressing, even if dancing in large groups were possible by then, we doubt we would get sufficient numbers attending to make the workshops practicable. We have left the March and April workshops in the program in the hope that things will have improved sufficiently by then, but whether they run or not is still subject to review. We shall let people know in good time whether or not they will take place.


If you enjoyed the on-line dance on the 18th October (see the bulletin box, above), you might also be interested in a series of dances on Sunday evenings. Look at this website and click on "See more" in the "About this group" box. It will tell you a bit about it; remember that this is not UK-based, so the actual times are 9.00 to 10.30. Apparently there are over 300 members of the group and 150-ish regularly sign into the sessions. Click on the "Join Group" button to receive an invitation e-mail.

Victoria and Dave Yeomans were playing live as 'Deo Volente' for Nottingham Folk Dance Group's Autumn Zoom Dance called by Neil Stuart on Saturday 14th November. It was a very successful evening which several FASH supporters attended. If you are interested in joining them for more of their dances you could contact

If you prefer contra-style dances, have a look also at The London Barndance Company's website. The home page tells you how to join the discussion list, from which you can get the necessary details for joining the virtual dances. Next month Rhodri Davies will be calling to music from Vertical Expression.


Events in folk clubs and arts centres were beginning to restart although for many, seat numbers are limited. Our folk club and arts centres diary is as up-to-date as we can get it, but things change all the time, and the latest government rulings suggest that halls will not now be able to open for at least 4 weeks i.e. until the beginning of December. Sadly, many of the smaller clubs, especially those whose main activities are singarounds and sessions, are unable to meet other than on-line; some hope to restart in 2021. We shall keep our fingers crossed.

The Music Institute is still unable to meet at the Guildford Institute as although now opening, it closes too early in the evening. However, they have established a regular "Come All Ye Open Zoom" meeting which was limited to 18 participants/audience, but now appears to be open to a larger audience. See their website for a link to send an email saying you would like to attend. Note that their "singers list" fills up quickly, so contact them early if you would like to contribute a song or poem etc.

Celtic Folk have been closed (of course) due to The Virus but have arranged an on-line concert on the 23rd December. Michael McGoldrick, John McCusker and John Doyle have recorded a vspecial Christmas show which is to be streamed into people's homes, start time It represents good value, as for the price of a single ticket several of you can enjoy the concert and you are allowed to watch it again within a week, as long as you use the same computer. Go to their website for more details and to book tickets, or direct to

Sadly, it is likely to be quite a bit longer before people can meet again at their dance clubs.

Please be aware that there have been one or two cancellations of concerts, not simply because the venues were not available but because the events were part of a tour, and too few of the venues on the tour were open to make the whole tour viable. The clubs are doing their best to fill the gaps with alternative guests.


We have added 'Friends of Cecil Sharp House' to our Links page. This organisation promotes the participation in English Folk Dance and Music, and at the moment is running a series of on-line, or virtual, dance and calling workshops. At the end of August it held a Zoom discussion between Colin Hume, Louise Siddons and Bernie Culkin in which they addressed the problem of reducing numbers at so many of our folk dance clubs. Colin has suggested a rather radical way of approaching this, and leads the discussion. You can see the recording of it at but be prepared - it is a long session (nearly an hour and 35 minutes) although you can safely skip the first 5 minutes.


There is a huge range of events taking place at Halsway Manor, near Crowcombe, Somerset. For more information, visit Their 'What's on' page allows you to search for particular dates and also select specific types of event. There are many different and flexible possibilities regarding accommodation, so their website is well worth a visit. Halsway Manor is once again running after their "Covid closure" and their first autumn event started on the 28th September, the Guitar Study Week. Lots of workshops, of course, but also included on the calendar are their 'Christmas House Party' and the 'Winter Warmer' both of which include dance - the first scheduled dancing we have seen!


The English Folk Dance and Song Society, EFDSS, has its full programme on-line now. Many song and dance workshops are included. See and go to their 'What's on' page, or use this link to find out what is taking place in the coming months and to book tickets.


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