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The next FASH workshop will be on 9th February at Twyford Parish Hall. Brian Stanton will call a workshop titled 'Both Sides of the Atlantic' - English dances written by non-English choreographers. Music will be provided by Pete and Sue Hall. Remember that the lunch arrangements are now Bring Your Own, rather than Bring And Share.


If you rely on EFFDSS to provide you or your organisation with Public Liability insurance, it may well be worth you reviewing the terms under which it is provided. Local caller, Nigel Close, writes:

"If you are a performer, or a group, who relies on membership of EFDSS to provide Public Liability insurance you should look very carefully at the guidelines in the last page of the Autumn 2019 issue of 'English Dance & Song Magazine'. Things have changed significantly. The previous guidelines were clear: £5M Public Liability cover "not intended for full-time professionals … but for amateurs and hobbyists" doing "Any folk activity … within the aims of the EFDSS, which are to promote folk music, dance and song". But in the latest version "activities must always be without a fee" and "any money collected … must be to cover expenses and operating costs, with no money distributed as profit".
As I (and other callers around the country) understand it, if I call, or a band plays, for a fee then there is no cover. Some small payments might be allowed as "expenses", but that seems to be a horribly grey area to depend upon if someone sues me for injury, or my equipment starts a fire. And if your club donates something to Halsway Manor or your local hospice it's the same story: money is "distributed as profit" and you're not covered.
For my own peace of mind I have taken out insurance with a commercial supplier. I will offset the cost by relinquishing my membership of EFDSS."

Nigel wrote to EFDSS to complain about these changes. The response implied that the policy has not changed but the insurers wished to keep within the letter of the law in defining "amateurs and hobyists", leading to a revision of the wording. EFDSS hopes to clarify things shortly and let everyone know. Whether this will actually make any difference to whom is actually covered is not clear, and indeed it would not seem impossible that many callers, bands and organisers were never covered anyway! A case of "watch this space". Editor

Update Nov. 23 EFDSS have now sent out invitations for affiliation/membership renewal, and including updated guidance notes for their Public Liability Insurance. There is now no mention of fees, and the only obvious stipulation is that affiliated groups or members must be "non-commercial" to be covered. Note that this "enhanced cover" does not start until the 1st January 2020, so if you are involved in events up to and including New Year's Eve, you should probably contact EFDSS to check that you will be fully covered. Events should not involve more than 500 people (this was a stipulation before) and equipment (even the smallest clubs tend to use audio equipment or instruments) is not covered - this was also the case before.


We have added a Google calendar for our workshops for those who use on-line calendars. For more details on how to access it, look on our 'Workshops' page


Please note that from 16th January, the Wimborne Folk Club will be meeting in the Cafe@Allendale Centre, Wimborne, BH21 1AS.

Before the move was announced, Peter Green wrote, "In the folk world Wimborne is best known for its three day Folk Festival every June, but there is a mini folk festival every Thursday at the Horns Inn at Colehill, just outside the town. This free event attracts many local, and not so local, performers to an evening of an eclectic mix of folk and acoustic music. Over this last summer over seventy different acts have performed from the point of the L-shaped room. These include well known performers like The Polly Morris Band, Paul Openshaw, The Warwick Slade Collective, John Meriton and No Direction, to name but a few.
The Wimborne Folk Club has been running weekly since 1978, and still includes founder members, so it must be doing something right. Why not come along to see for yourselves but come early if you want to have a spot, or even a meal before hand. Every one is welcome. They even admit banjos."


We understand that after a brief period of uncertainty the White Lion Folk Club at Wherwell is still meeting. However, they are no longer in the "Barn" at the rear but meet now in the rear dining room of the pub, which has the added advantage, especially at this time of year, that it is warmer. The dates are included in the Folk Club Diary

We now have the 2019/2020 program of Twyford Ceildhs, which can be downloaded here. The next dance of the season is on 1st February. Spike Island are providing the music with Ian Kirby calling the dances. The following month the date will be the 7th, when Ian will be supported by Pogles Wood.


Please note FOCSLE Music will run weekly from January 8th , except for first Wednesdays (when Sam's Session happens in the same place). If these weekly sessions are well supported, they will continue, otherwise, the club will return to its twice monthly program.


The D3M3 club have asked to be included in our diary pages. This a club which has been running for about 4 years, based at Alton Rugby Foootball Club clubhouse. The name comes from its times, Day three (Wednesday) on Week three - so the third Wednesday every month. Their web page is and you will also find a Facebook page. A licensed bar is available and doors are open at 7.30 for an 8.00 start.


There is a huge range of events taking place at Halsway Manor, near Crowcombe, Somerset. For more information, visit Their 'What's on' page allows you to search for particular dates and also select specific types of event. There are many different and flexible possibilities regarding accommodation, so their website is well worth a visit.


The English Folk Dance and Song Society, EFDSS, has its full programme on-line now. Many song and dance workshops are included. See and go to their 'What's on' page, or use this link to find out what is taking place this month and to book tickets.


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