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At last! After 18 months we have produced a paper copy of 'Solent Waves'. Although, of course, October's issue is available here on this page of our website, it will also be sent out as a real paper copy to clubs and to people who have requested it. The print run is rather smaller this time as we have decided no longer to send copies to many of the Hampshire libraries, as they were rarely displayed, and rarely requested or looked at. Also, several of the clubs who distribute for us have still to reopen after the civid restrictions were eased.

Solent Waves is our monthly newsletter. Actually it is published 10 times a year as we combine the months of July and August as well as December and January. We have been producing this magazine since 1977 and back then cut and paste really did involve cutting pieces of typewritten script from pages submitted and sticking them together to be driven to the printers. We are proud to be the longest standing customer of our ever helpful printers - Sarsen Press. Traditionally, 'Solent Waves' has been printed in blue, on white, but as it is now printed digitally, it is easier for the printers to print in true colour than to convert from black and white to blue and white, so naturally we are taking advantage of this. At the bottom of this page you can see some early copies, with dances at 60p and £4.75 or £7.00 (including camping) for folk festivals.

We welcome submissions on anything you care to tell us about folk activities. If you have anything you would like included, just send it to the editor. Please note that the cut off date for any material, including adverts is the 10th of the month preceeding publication.

'Solent Waves' is free to FASH members and also, now, to non-members. It can be collected from local clubs and events. Or you can receive a monthly copy by post, by sending a cheque (payable to 'FASH') for £6.50 per annum, together with a short covering note, to our Solent Waves Distributor, see address on our contacts page. You are also welcome to receive Solent Waves each month in softcopy pdf format by email. Just send a request to the editor.

The newsletter has details of the next couple of months' dances and folk club events. During the summer, Morris and other dance displays are included. We are always willing to include events, so if you know of a date and would like it included, then email the Solent Waves editor. FASH cannot guarantee the accuracy of entries, but hopefully there are few errors. Two line entries are free of charge but donations are never refused.

Or you can advertise in the newsletter. We print and distribute around 600 copies of each edition and the prices are very cheap, so good value. Advertisements must be prepaid - cheques payable to FASH. Please supply hardcopy sized around twice the sizes listed below or, preferably, electronic copy (eg .doc, .gif, .jpg). Alternatively, provide the words and the Editor will be happy to assist. Rates for individual members of FASH in brackets.

Approx size
Page £40 (£35) Repeats £35 13cm wide x 18cm high
Half Page £25 (£20) Repeats £20 13cm wide x 9cm high
Quarter Page £10 (£8) Repeats £8 6cm wide x 9cm high
Eighth Page £7 (£5) Repeats £5 6cm wide x 4cm high
Professional Card/Small Ad £3 (£2) Repeats £2 6cm wide x 3cm high

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