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In normal years we run around eight workshops between September and April. Most are on various forms of dance e.g. Playford, Contras, Squares, Country dancing and anything else that we think people might like. We have live music and excellent callers. Most of the dancers are quite experienced, and if you are a newcomer to folk dancing you will probably find it easier to try a ceilidh or a dance club first, to learn the basics, but everyone is welcome, with a partner or on their own. These are workshops, as against "a dance night", by which we mean that the dances will be taught. We might focus on improving some aspects or different styles or dancing in different positions. We had one workshop a while back where the music changed part way through the dance from a jig to a waltz and then a tango! From which comment, you may be able to infer that these Sundays are meant to be enjoyable and informal. Read more


Below is a list of the events we have held on Zoom during the 2020/21 season. This is followed by a list of the workshops we had planned, most of which will now be held in 2021/2022 as long as the guidelines in place at the time allow them to go ahead. Dates will be on the website soon.

Please also see our Facebook page for updates and news of FASH workshops.

We have set up an on-line calendar for those who might like to use it. You will need a Google account (if you have a @gmail e-mail address, you already have have an account, but if not you can register for a new account). Sign in to your Google account then go to your google calendar. On the left you should see something that says 'My calendars' and below that 'Other calendars' and a '+' sign. Click on the '+' and then 'subscribe to calendar', then where it says 'Add calendar' enter the account info for the FASH calendar which is

4th Oct 2020

FASH 2020 AGM This was originally planned for Soberton but in the event had to go online and was successfully held on Zoom. A report can be downloaded here. Links are included to the accounts and the several committee members' reports.

18th Oct 2020
Victoria & Dave Yeomans gave us a most enjoyable online dance on Zoom from 2pm till 4pm.
10th Jan 2021

Victoria & Dave Yeomans led another very successful dance on Zoom for us from 2pm to 4pm.

The original plan was a for a workshop at Twyford - Victoria Yeomans with Pete & Sue Hall - 'At Home with Deo Volente' - A selection of Victoria's compositions from the book and accompanying double CD of the same name - published in September 2020 - many of the tunes written by her husband Dave. Enquiries to

7th Feb 2021

Madeleine Smith led a most enjoyable online dance on Zoom from 2pm to 4pm

28th Feb 2021

The Madding Crowd - West Gallery Music
Instead of the workshop Mike Bailey led a very successful Zoom Play/Sing from 2pm to 3.30pm. He played recordings of The Madding Crowd performing favourite pieces we have sung at past workshops for us to sing or play along with at home - or just enjoy listening. We had many more than 50 people in 52 little boxes and it did feel as though we were all joining in together!

We hope to be able to hold a 'live' workshop at Soberton Village Hall on Sunday 27th February 2022 as long as Covid restrictions allow it by then. Please contact Daphne on or phone 01243 531497 to book your place and reserve a copy of the music.

11th April 2021

Nigel Close led an excellent online dance "Mortsel Morsels and Isolation Inspirations" from 2.30 to 4.30. He paid tribute to Phillipe Callens and to Pete Hendy who have both sadly died very recently.

17th Oct 2021 Soberton Nigel Close with with Anne, Simon and Liz from Pogles Wood. 'Chocolate and Impropriety - English-style Dances of Brooke Friendly and Chris Sackett'.
21st Nov 2021 Twyford Jane Thomas with music TBA. A Contra workshop, more details to follow.
11th Oct 2020

Ivan Aitken with Andrew Purkiss - 'Contras and Squares + English Dances from Across The Pond' CANCELLED

15th Nov 2020


Nigel Close with Anne, Simon and Liz of Pogles Wood - 'Chocolate and Impropriety - English-style Dances of Brooke Friendly and Chris Sackett'     POSTPONED to October 2021 - see above

13th Dec 2020
Longsword with Paul Miles and Maypole Dance with Tanya Kearly - a "Do Something Different" day! POSTPONED to December 2021
7th Feb 2020

Ted Morse with Pete & Sue Hall - 'Only Connect - Dances based around 4 themes which we are challenged to work out'. POSTPONED

21st Mar 2021
Barrie Bullimore with Steve Hunt - 'Contras and Squares "Not for the Faint-hearted" - Dances you're unlikely to meet at a Saturday dance' POSTPONED
25th April 2021

Fiona Birchall with Pete & Sue Hall - 'Dances from the Cook and the Waitress by Julian Hill of Sheffield - in the English Tradition' POSTPONED

The 2021 AGM is POSTPONED until October as it would have been held during the lunch break of this workshop.

Southern Stepping workshop led by Simon and Jo Harmer with JigFoot at Twyford. March 2014


Pat Shaw workshop led by Madeleine Smith at Soberton. March 2014


West Gallery workshop led by Mike Bailey of Madding Crowd. February 2014


And some of the comments we have received about our workshops........

Mentally challenging but their dances were very interesting
Very clear instructions so it was easy to dance
Good dancing which seemed to be enjoyed by everyone
They are such skilled musicians and make it so easy to fit the steps into their music. Brilliant quality
Great music made you want to get up and dance


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