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FASH workshops and events

We hold workshops on Sundays from 10.30am to 3.30pm at Durley Memorial Hall SO32 2AD and Soberton Village Hall SO32 3PF. See the bottom of this page for maps of the two venues.

Bring Your Own Lunch or you could try the pub up the road (possibly not at Durley where there is no pub within walking distance of the hall). Tea and coffee will be available at the hall and you can bring your own mug if you wish. There is often soup at lunchtime.

FASH members £9, non-members £12 and it costs just £10 to become a FASH member.

We usually run eight workshops between September and April, comprising six of various kinds of folk dance with live music and excellent callers, one West Gallery music with the Madding Crowd and one 'Do Something Different Day'. Past 'different' sessions have included handbells, bones/spoons, miming, story telling, shanties and more! This year it was Maypole Dancing and Christmas singing.

For full details of all workshops, download a flyer here.If you fancy repeating any of these activities or can suggest new ones, please do contact us.

A copy of our 'FASH Workshops and Covid19' Supplement is here and we would ask you to read it before attending a workshop to see what precautions we shall be taking at the venues, and what we ask our attendees to do to protect everyone involved. We will ensure that seating is well spaced out for the singing session and the room will be well ventilated. In the light of the latest developments regarding the Omicron variant, we would encourage the use of a lateral flow test, as mentioned in the supplement.

Below is a list of the workshops we have planned for 2021/2022 as long as the guidelines in place at the time allow them to go ahead. Please also see our Facebook page for updates and news of FASH workshops.

We have set up an on-line calendar for those who might like to use it. You will need a Google account (if you have an @gmail email address, you already have have an account, but if not you can register for a new account). Sign in to your Google account then go to your google calendar. On the left you should see something that says 'My calendars' and below that 'Other calendars' and a '+' sign. Click on the '+' and then 'subscribe to calendar', then where it says 'Add calendar' enter the account info for the FASH calendar which is

If you are a newcomer to folk dancing you might find it easier to try a ceilidh or a dance club first to learn the basics, but everyone is welcome - with a partner or on their own. We are a friendly crowd and will make sure you always have someone to dance with. These are workshops, as against "a dance night", by which we mean that the dances will be taught and there may be a focus on improving some particular aspect, or on different styles, or perhaps dancing in different positions. The emphasis on these Sundays is always on enjoyment.

17th Oct 2021

Nigel Close 'Chocolate and Impropriety' English-style dances of Brooke Friendly & Chris Sackett with music from Pogles Copse (Anne, Liz & Simon from Pogles Wood)
The FASH 2021 AGM was held during the lunch break and the minutes can be downloaded here.

21st Nov 2021
Durley Memorial Hall
Jane Thomas - A mainly Contra workshopwith music from Steve Hunt and Genni Grainger (Orion's Ring) (please note the change of venue -click directions)
12th Dec 2021
Durley Memorial Hall

A 'Do Something Different Day' - Maypole Dance with Tanya Kearly in the morning until 1pm and (a change to the previous programme) Singing with Tom Gregory in the afternoon until around 3pm (please note the change of venue -click directions)

6th Feb 2022

Barrie Bullimore - Contras and Squares 'Not for the Faint-hearted' (dances you're unlikely to meet at a Saturday dance) with music from Pete & Sue Hall

27th Feb 2022

The Madding Crowd - West Gallery Music

We hope Covid restrictions will allow us to hold a 'live' workshop where we can play and sing together this wonderful music from around 200 years ago. More information about West Gallery music can be found on The Madding Crowd's website here

Please contact Daphne on or phone 01243 531497 to book your place and reserve a copy of the music.

13th March 2022
Madeleine Smith 'Dancing is Music made Visible' - focussing on the central role of the music - which is from Pete & Sue Hall (NB the venue has had to be changed from Twyford to Soberton)
24th April 2022
Ted Morse 'Only Connect' - Dances based around 4 themes which we are challenged to work out - with music from Steve Hunt Genni Grainger (Orion's Ring) Cancelled
8th May 2022 Soberton Fiona Birchall "Dances from 'The Cook and the Waitress' by Julian Hill of Sheffield - in the English Tradition" - with music from Pete & Sue Hall.

For those of you who plan ahead............ Read more

Southern Stepping workshop led by Simon and Jo Harmer with JigFoot at Twyford. March 2014


Pat Shaw workshop led by Madeleine Smith at Soberton. March 2014


West Gallery workshop led by Mike Bailey of Madding Crowd. February 2014


And some of the comments we have received about our workshops........

Mentally challenging but their dances were very interesting
Very clear instructions so it was easy to dance
Good dancing which seemed to be enjoyed by everyone
They are such skilled musicians and make it so easy to fit the steps into their music. Brilliant quality
Great music made you want to get up and dance


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